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Wireless HD Audio SunGlasses

WG+_Blue Gradient Mirror
WG+_Gold Gradient Mirror
mic mode voice isolation
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UV400 protection demo

UV-400 Protection (including UVA & UVB)

Blocking max 99.9% harmful UV light rays up to 400 nanometre wavelength

NOISEZERO WG+ Dual ENC Mic (iOS Voice Isolation Mic Mode) [ROADSIDE DEMO]

NOISEZERO WG+ MultiPoint Demo:

Warning: Avoid hearing damage. Do not use the Wireless Earphones at excessively loud levels as permanent hearing loss may occur. Please set volume to a safe level. / ^Warning: The Wireless Earphones exclude most externl sounds. Do NOT wear both left and right earbuds together while driving, operating a motorized vehicle, machine, bicycling or crossing the road as you may not be alerted to potential danger.  Please first check and observe local laws regarding the use of wireless handsfree earphones and mobile phone while driving to clarify if your local laws allow wearing one side earbud (Single Earbud Mode) as wireless handsfree for driving or not. /  # Warning: The Wireless Earphones are designed for resistant against sweat & rain only. Do not submerge it in water or other liquid. You cannot go swimming with it. The Charging Case is not water resistant and MUST be used in dry environment only. / * Note: Wireless earphones performance, wireless range and talk, playback time are rough estimate only. Playtime estimate up to max 6 hrs (ANC ON) or 7 hrs (ANC OFF) was tested at average volume. Actual performance will vary depending but not limited to device type, different phone models and settings, features being used, volume levels, temperature, humidity, storage, battery condition and whether there are nearby electro-magnetic interference source that affects wireless transmission. / Warning: EOps Technology shall not be responsible for any mishandling or improper use of the Wireless earphones and Charging Case. Never attempt your own maintenance. All self inflicted damage and normal wear and tear parts are not included in warranty. / EOps and NOISEZERO are registered trademarks in U.S.A and other countries.EOps Technology Limited disclaims any propriety interests in the trademarks and names of others / Product images on pack box and user guide are illustrations only. /Made in China. 

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