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Warranty policy

Products that are opened and used can only be returned for warranty service if they are broken or defective and they meet our warranty policy conditions:


• EOps offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months (unless otherwise stated) after original purchase from an authorized EOps dealer store.


• Warranty covers functional problems of headphones / earphones only: This means that if there is internal functional problem in your headphones / earphones including no sound output and malfunction of mic button / volume control, we’ll repair or replace them, at our option.


• Warranty will not cover physical damage of headphones / earphones: This means you cannot abuse your headphones/earphones by deliberate damage and expect us to fix the problem for free. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratches, blown speakers, cables damage (including external cable damge including cut or deformed cables / intenal damage of cables caused by pulling of cables by excessive force),   broken / bent plugs, torn /  broken headbands, broken headband hinges, broken earbud parts/ earcup parts/ mic housing parts/ volume control housing parts/ broken plug housing parts by excessive force / drop / subject to extreme temperatures.


• Warranty will not cover loss or theft.


• Warranty will not cover accessories: like the headphones ear-pads, earphone silicone ear-tips / memory foam ear-tips, cable clip, carry pouch, packaging and user guides.


• Warranty will not cover free software / apps download for headphones / earphones as the compatibility / functionality of software also relies on the hardware and firmware of smartphones/ music players which from time to time will be customized / upgraded by their vendors outside of our control.


• Warranty will be void if user cannot present: (1) The original sales invoice with date of purchase and model number from authorized dealer store (2) Packaging box with full set of accessories.

Step to carry out warranty service

• First, contact the exact same store you originally purchased the product. The faulty product (together with the original invoice) is carried to the exact same store   location you original purchased the product for warranty service within a period of 6 months (unless otherwise stated) from purchased. Also, please expect that in some cases the store might ask you to contact the respective regional / country distributor to carry out the warranty service instead.

• The above mentioned warranty policy conditions must all be fulfilled. The staffs of our authorized EOps dealer stores / distributors have the final discretion         whether to carry out the warranty replacement or not at their option.

If you require further assistance




In your email, please provide info of:


(1) Which product (model number and what color)?

(2) When and where you purchased it from?

(3) Attach scan copy of the invoice in the email as evidence


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