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HYBRID ANC + ENC TWS Sports Earphones


NOTE: Please remove the PROTECTIVE TAPE at the rear of earbuds before use. Otherwise, the earbuds would not charge

How to setup Pairing? (with Phone#1)
After recharge, open Charging Case, Select “NOISEZERO WN+” from Phone#1’s Bluetooth menu. 

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How to USB-C charge?


How to Wireless Charge?

How to Recharge via Charging Case?

How to enable iOS Voice Isolation Mic Mode

How to setup MultiPoint Connect? (with Phone#1 and Phone#2)
(1) After Phone#1 paired, Turn OFF Phone#1 Bluetooth.
(2) Turn ON Phone#2 Bluetooth to pair Phone#2. (3) Turn ON Phone#1 Bluetooth again to connect

How to Control?


How to Reset?
Open case cover (earbuds inside),  Long Press 10 sec RESET BUTTON until BOTH earbuds’s LEDs FLASHING before release finger. Then, Close cover. Open cover, take out earbuds to pair.

How to Clean?

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